About the List

     The list is currently in a spreadsheet, specifically, it's a Microsoft Excel file. Someday, I may put ito into a Microsoft Access database, but there is a lot of work to do on the list before it gets to that point. Currently the spreadsheet contains 25 columns, what they are and explanations of them are listed below. The list is designed so that each release in each country has it's own entry. So, for example, Targetmaster Artfire was only released in Japan, and is listed only once, while the original Optimus Prime would have many listings. Optimus Prime was release in many countries and rereleased in numerous editions.

Column A - "Have" - You can use this column to check off a toy if you have it.

Column B - "Notes" - Use this column for any notes you want to add for your own information.

Column C - "List ID#" - When a new version of the list comes out, you will not want to lose your own first two columns if you have used them. You would sort the new version of the list and your old version by this column, then copy and paste the first two columns from your old version into the new version. This will allow you to easily copy your own information into the new list.

Column D - "Generation" - This might be more appropriately called product line, but Generation seems more appropriate. It is the best way to break up the Transformers releases into different major categories. They are as follows, 1-2-3 Transformers, Alternators, Armada, Beast Machines, Beast Wars, Beast Wars II, Beast Wars Metals, Beast Wars Neo, Binal Tech, Built to Rule Armada, Built to Rule Energon, Car Robots, Classics, Cybertron, Energon, G1, G1 Rerelease, G2, Go-Bots, Machine Wars, Robot Masters, Robots in Disguise, TRU Commemorative, and Universe. At this time, there are some that have not yet been added to the list, see the "What's Missing Page" for more details. They are Micron Legend, Galaxy Force and Superlink, and their might be a few others that I am forgetting.

Column E - "Allegiance" - A for Autobot, C for Cybertron, D for Decepticon, S for Destron, M for Maximal, P for Predacon, V for Vehicon, and N for Minicon.

Column F - "ID#" - Most Japanese Transformer releases and some non Japanese Transformers releases were numbered. Toys R US Commemorative Series were issued in "Series" of several toys each, this is also noted in this column.

Column G - "Year" - This is the year the toy was first issued in that country. A toy may have listings for the same country listing multiple years if the toy was changed in a significant way. For example, Toys released in Europe in 1992 were not noted as "Generation 2" on the packaging. They were all reissued in 1993 with "Generation 2" on the packaging. They are listed for both years, as they fall into two different categories, G1 and G2. On the other hand packaging variations, such as the 1986 US toys that came both with and without the free poster offer is less significant, and thus would be noted in the "Known Packaging Variations" column only.

Column H - "Country/Region" - This is the country or region in which the toy was released. At this time, the list includes only three options for this column, 1-USA, 2-Japan, 3-Europe. The numbers are only for sorting purposes for my own use, and will eventually be removed. Europe needs to be broken up into separate countries, and many areas such as Brazil and Mexico are not yet represented, see the "What's Missing Page" for more details.

Column I - "Type" - Type is used differently depending on which Generation you are in. Generation 1 and Generation 2 toys are divide up by groups such as "Car", "Jet", "Leader", and "Headmaster" to name just a few. Many toys don't fit a large group, and are categorized by their function, such as Perceptor who is categorized as "Scientist" and Reflector and Punch-Counterpunch who are both categorized as "Spy". Others are categorized by sub groups such as "Aerialbots" and "Combaticons". This does lead to a number of different items in this column used by only one toy. Post Generation 2 however, these categories became more standardized by price point. Most post Generation 2 toys are categorized by Basic, Spy Changer, Deluxe, Mega, Ultra, and a few others. A number of others are still broken up by sub group such as "Combiner Ruination". It can be hard to categorize the toys in this way sometimes, but it is neccessary to keep like toys together.

Column J - "Name" - The name of the toy. When possible, I have used the Japanese names for toys for Japanese releases, for example, Convoy for Optimus Prime and Lambor for Sideswipe. Unfortunately, I am sure there are many name changes in Japan and other countries I don't know about, see the "What's Missing Page" for more details.

Column K - "Description" - A description of the toy noting the alternate mode and colors. Wherever possible, specific vehicle types should be noted, such as Combaticon Brawl being a "Leopard 1 Tank", not just a tank.

Column L - "Partner" - Partner is used to note an association with another toy listed separately. It is used for Targetmasters, Headmasters, Minicons, Breastforce, Brain Masters, God Masters, Powermasters, some Japanese Micromaster Bases and Powered Masters, and all incarnations of the Dreadwing ATB. Other toys in the future may use this category. In all cases, partner toys were sold together. Not all toys sold together necessarily fall under the partner category, for example, Soundwave and Buzzsaw are not noted as partners just because they are sold together. There is another category for toys being sold together.

Column M - "Vehicle/Major Accessory" - Lists any significant accessory, such as Optimus Prime's Trailer and Roller or Micromaster Bases. Micromaster Base Countdown for example, Countdown is the name of the Micromaster vehicle, he has "Rocket Base" listed in this column.

Column N - "Vehicle/Major Accessory Description" - A description of the Accessory in the previous column. NOTE: There is no Partner Description category as partners are listed separately.

Column O - "Combiner" - If the toy is part of a combiner team, the name of the combined robot is listed here.

Column P - "Sold With" - Notes if toys were packaged together for sale, examples would be the Clones, some Japanese Gift Sets, or Energon Ultra Magnus which was sold with a Minicon team. Some toys ar noted as being available in a giftest as well as individually. Partners are not noted here as it is automatically assumed partners are packaged with a toy.

Column Q - "Notes" - At the moment, this column includes any information not in another column, for example, toys such as Headmasters and Targetmasters have a brief explanation of the Targetmaster and Headmaster concepts. Toys with electronic features are noted here. Pretty much any information that doesn't belong somewhere else.

Column R and Column S - "Previous Release Information" and "Mold Notes" - These categories tell you if a toy is in it's first use, or is rereleased, repainted, and or remolded from a previous toy. For example, to take an often reused mold, G1 Thundercracker and G1 Skywarp Were repainted versions of G1 Starscream. (I know that can be debated since they were released at the same time.) Ramjet, Thrust, and Dirge are remolded and repainted versions of G1 Starscream. The G1 Rereleases and TRU Commemorative releases of Dirge, Thrust, Thundercracker, Starscream, Skywarp, and Ramjet are noted as Rereleases of the G1 versions of themselves. Starscream (Megatron Gun) is a rerelease of Generation One Starscream with "Includes a Megatron Gun accessory." in the Mold Notes Column. G1 Starscream and G1 Ramjet are repaints of the original with "Includes spring loaded weapons and electronic light and sound box" in the Mold Notes column. G1 rerelease Starscream (Black), Starscream (Clear), Starscream (Ghost), and Sunstorm are repaints of G1 Starscream. This allows you to easily trace the history of a toy. This becomes even more useful with more recent toys as many Armada toys were recolored for Energon and Cybertron and Universe. Some are just repaints while others are remolded.

Column T - "U.S./European Toy Name if Different" - Since many Japanese toys have different names, this column has the American equivalent for toys that were also released in the USA. Since a few toys were released only in Japan and England (Overlord and the Predators except Stalker and the Turbomasters except Rotorstorm) they have the European names listed.

Column U, V, W - "Mold ID", "Repainted", and "Remolded". - This is for my own use, though some people might find it useful. It notes the first use of the mold for all uses of a mold. That allows me get all the incarnations of a toy First Use, rereleased, remolded and repainted even from different lines sorted together. This can be useful when I'm working on the list, but I'm not sure it's good for anything else.

Column X - "Availability Notes" - This column notes if a toy was available only at certain stores or through mail order.

Column Y - "Rarity" - The exact quantity made of some rereleases as well as some prize toys in Japan are known and listed here.

Column Z, AA, BB - "Known Packaging Variations", "Known Toy Variations", and "Known Name Variations" - These are self explanatory.