Hello and welcome to the Transformers Toy List Project!

     Who am I? - My name is Lewis M. Brooks, III. I have been a big fan of the Transformers since 1984 when I was 8 years old. I started collecting seriously in 1995. Please see my other Transformers Web Sites, AWorldTransoformed.com and TFMuseum.com for more information about me and for pictures of my collection, and see TFTechSpecs.com for my Tech Spec Archive.

     What is the Transformers Toy List Project? - When I started collecting in 1995, I really had no idea what Transformers were out there. I had no idea their were toys released only in Europe and Japan, not to mention the many different and variant toys available in other countries such as Mexico and Brazil. At the time, The Transformers Toy List was maintained on www.electric-escape.net. I used that list quite a lot back when I started collecting. A few months ago, I was looking for some information, and I went to look it up on The Transformers Toy List, and found that it was discontinued as of 2004, and I was referred to TFU.info. TFU.info is a great site, but the web site format is not always the best, especially if you are just looking for a list of toys. I looked around the web, and I found a number of lists, but not one of them encompassed ALL Transformers toys. So, I got to thinking, that someone should attempt to maintain a complete list of all the officially released Transformers world wide. Since no one else has done this, I decided I would try, and from that idea, the Transformers Toy List Project was born. I hope it will become a resource for Transformers fans and I started this web site as a home for the list.

     Is the list complete? - Not even close. One of the reasons I've created this web site because I can't complete the list without help. I know a lot about the Transformers, but I don't know everything, in fact, the more I've worked on this list, the more I realize just how much I don't know. Please refer to the "About the List" and "What's Missing" pages for more information about the list and what is missing. The list may never be complete. It's hard, if not impossible, to know what toys were released in every country in the world since The Transformers began in 1984, but that's the goal.

     Can you help? - Absolutely. Please check out the list, download it and look it over, and if you have information to add, please send it to me. Details about submissions can be found on the "Submission Information" page.

     Can you put the list on your site? - Good question. No. Actually, I don't mind if you do, but I'd really rather you just link to my site. Since the list will change over time, it will always be best to get the list directly from my site so you always get the most recent list.