What's Missing

          What's Missing - I am missing the following lists and information:

     I need a list of the Japanese Decoys, I know the numbers on the back differ from the U.S. decoys, I have the boxed sets, but they are sealed, and I am trying to avoid opening them.

     I know My First Transforerms were released in Japan and the boxes were numbered, but I do not know what numbers each toy was. There were only three, Car, Truck, and Jet, but I do not know the numbers.

     I have no information on Japanese releases for 1-2-3 Transformers (If released).

     Go-Bots (Playskool Big Adventures NOT the old Tonka Gobots) were released in Japan, but I have no details as to which ones and in what years. I also believe at least one Go-Bot was release ONLY in Japan.

     Did the Robot Masters Brave Maximus Lucky Draw come with Gasket and Gromet like the Car Robots Lucky Draw, or were they missing as with the Car Robots general release version.

     Other Countries:

     I have entries for "Europe" presently on the list. However, many European Countries had different releases. I am aware that Transforemrsw were available in all of the following countries, but I do not have lists. There could be other countries, but these are the ones I am aware of.

     New Zealand

     Althoughh I have listings for most all toys already, that does not mean they are complete. I have yet to complete all the descriptions, and I have not even begun to go into variations. I will probably begin working on variaitons next.

     I'm sure there are mistakes in the existing entries, and if you find any, please send them to me.